FREE Homeschool Schedule Planning Sheet Printable

Simple and easy homeschool planning sheet!

Simply write in the dates, subjects, and brief description of assignment/project/lessons in the spaces provided.

Great way to keep track of multiple lessons and keep a record of what has been accomplished!

Simply click on the page above for a FREE printable schedule PDF!


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Bulletin Board Planning Sheet

Bulletin Board Planning Sheet

Need help with your bulletin boards?

This sheet is absolutely one of the best ways to make bulletin board planning easier! Its step-by-step organization covers all the areas that are needed to ensure that your boards look great all year.

Areas include:

Dates for bulletin board
Number of each letter needed
Color of background
Color of letters
Type of student work
Type of border
AND….and a large space to make a layout!

You and your parent volunteers will LOVE how easy it is to plan and implement bulletin board ideas by simply using this sheet!

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Mr. Friendly Says “Please Ask Before Borrowing” Sign for Staff

Mr. Friendly Says “Please Ask Before Borrowing” Sign for Staff

Keep your supplies from magically disappearing over the summer with this sign!

Created with eye-catching black and white ink… this serious looking fellow tells the supply gatherer who to contact if they need to borrow one of your items!

Enjoy your summer fun while “Mr. Friendly” takes care of your classroom…and come back to a classroom filled with the supplies you left!

Good for:
Supply Closets
Organizing bins
You name it!

And it can be used by individual teachers, club coordinators, curriculum teams….or just someone in the school with a lot of cool stuff!

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Seashell Label and Tag Printables-EDITABLE Labels & Tags

Seashell Label and Tag Printables-EDITABLE Labels & Tags

Do you have a beach theme in your classroom or just like the nautical look?

These editable label and tag printables are perfect for your classroom decor!

Multiple sizes and shapes gives the flexibility to use them on many different items.

Sizes (and use examples) include:

3.5″ x 2.25″ (name tags, bookplates)
4.5″ x 2.75″ (bin labels, word cards)
5.25″ x 2.75″ (bin labels, notebook labels)
6.5″ x 4″ (thank you notes, center signs)
8.75″ x 4.5″ (desk tag, center signs)
9.5″ x 7″ (stationery, awards, center signs)

Each have an editable text box that you can use with any Microsoft Powerpoint text style you choose.

This beautiful, vintage look will make your room and items look wonderfully unique!

PLEASE NOTE:These tag pages are not “sized” to be used with precut/premade commercial label sheets. Use with full size page label sheets (and cut out individually) or plain copy paper.

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Ten Reminder Signs for the Classroom

Ten Reminder Signs for the Classroom

Need an easy (and funny) way to remind your students of important information in your class?

Let Mr. Largemouth do it for you this year!

This pack of 10 signs includes all those phrases that are said over and over throughout the year including:

Test tomorrow!
Test today!
Quiz tomorrow!
Quiz today!
Final exam tomorrow!
Final exam today!
Project due tomorrow!
Project due today!
Study tonight!
No homework tonight!

PLUS….there’s even a blank one where YOU can write your own message!

Save your time and energy this year and let this guy handle the reminders for you!

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Faculty Meeting Notes Sheet

Faculty Meeting Notes Sheet

If you’re like me, your mind is juggling a hundred different thoughts at once. Remembering all the things you need to do can be a challenge!

So when it comes to faculty meetings, this sheet will help improve how you organize all that extra information.

Categories include:

There’s even additional spaces for:
Urgent matters
What to bring to the meetiing
Date of the meeting
Main Topic (if applicable)
Location of meeting

A great time-saver AND resource to keep you organized!

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Shakespeare Classroom Signs

Ten Shakespeare Signs

Do you want to use Shakespeare to emphasize some of your classroom expectations? These Shakespeare classroom signs can do just that!

Each printable sign has a famous quote from one of Shakespeare’s plays (including “Romeo and Juliet”, “Julius Caesar”,  and “King Lear”). Beneath the quote is a funny line that matches a different classroom expectation.

Examples include:
“Beware the Ides of March.” (Deadlines are taken seriously in this class.)

“All the world’s a stage..” (This classroom is the exception.)

Ten different signs focusing on:
Asking questions
Bringing Materials

This is a great way for students to learn Shakespeare quotes! Humor is one of the best ways to help students remember information. These signs are also an educational (and funny) way to remind your class about good behavior.

This digital resource is easily printed out at home or school. You can decorate your classroom in minutes! This is especially useful if you know your class is going to be reading one of Shakespeare’s plays.

     Whether your students are going through “Julius Caesar”, or you’d like to set expectations in a lighthearted way at the beginning of the school year, these humorous Shakespeare signs can help your classroom!

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