Vintage-Style Miniatures

The Wonderful World of Vintage-Style Miniatures….. and how you can get them!

Have you ever felt the excitement of setting up a tiny world inside a dollhouse? Or perhaps you’ve marveled at the intricately detailed miniatures that adorn these miniature abodes? Well, you’re not alone! The joy of setting up a dollhouse and collecting miniatures is a delightful hobby that brings happiness. They also make fantastic presents and are a fun way to connect you to family and friends.

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The miniature world is a place where you can be the architect, decorator, and storyteller all at once. Setting up a dollhouse allows you to create your dream home, from designing cozy bedrooms to decorating stylish living rooms. Whether it’s arranging tiny furniture, putting up miniature curtains, or adding a tiny teapot to the kitchen, each step is filled with joy and creativity.

Collecting miniatures and setting up dollhouses can become a cherished hobby. As you build your miniature world, you’ll discover the thrill of the hunt when searching for new miniatures to add to your collection. You might find miniature versions of everyday items, like tiny books or little food items. Collecting miniatures can also teach you about history and art, as miniatures often replicate real-life objects and styles from different time periods.

Dollhouses and miniatures make fun and unique gifts! Giving a dollhouse to a friend or family member lets them embark on their own miniature adventure. Miniatures are like tiny treasures that you can collect and gift on special occasions. Birthdays, holidays, or just because – miniatures are gifts that keep on giving, bringing smiles and endless fun.

Discover the magic of dollhouse miniatures today! Explore my Late Night Coffee store on Etsy and bring a tiny world of creativity to life.

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Halloween Dollhouse Miniature Photos

Halloween dollhouse miniature photos you can print at home!

This fun holiday is a time for thrills and chills and when the past and the present merge in the most enchanting way. If you’re a dollhouse enthusiast or a Halloween lover, I have something special for you – printable Halloween dollhouse miniature photos straight from the 1800s! These hauntingly beautiful images are digitally distressed to look old and spooky, and they’re perfect for adding a touch of eerie elegance to your dollhouse.

Easy to Print and Use!

Getting these photos into your dollhouse is a breeze. Simply print them out on your home printer, cut them to size, and you’re ready to decorate! They fit seamlessly into your dollhouse without any fuss.

Mix and Match !

These printable photos can be mixed and matched with your existing dollhouse decor or used in a brand new spooky scene. Create a Victorian parlor, a haunted library, or even a creepy attic filled with these eerie portraits. There are 24 womens’ photos and 19 mens’ photos in both black & white and sepia color .

Ideal for Collectors

If you decorate your dollhouse for Halloween, these photos are a must-have addition for your collection. They’re a unique and rare find that will impress fellow collectors and enthusiasts.

So, whether you’re a seasoned dollhouse hobbyist or just getting started, these miniature photos will let your dollhouse come alive with these hauntingly beautiful images!

You can find this digital download in my Late Night Coffee Etsy store!

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1:144 Scale Miniature Dollhouses

I’ve been busy creating these 1:144 scale miniature dollhouses this week!

These miniature dollhouses make a perfect addition for a dollhouse, miniature collection, or miniature display. They feature a 2-floored house plan with various color themes. Each dollhouse has paper graphics mounted on chipboard for the outside and inside of house. The graphic for the exterior of the houses is digitally miniaturized from a house plan drawing from the late 1800’s.

Unsure of what 1:144 scale is? This very small scale basically means that each inch of the object represents 12 feet. These dollhouses are 2 inches wide, so in “real life” the house would be 24 feet wide. Now, if you put this little dollhouse into a 1:12, where each inch represents a foot, this dollhouse’s width would then represent 2 feet wide, which is good for a “dollhouse in a dollhouse”.

Can you buy furniture for this dollhouse? Absolutely! There are many sellers that specialize in this size of miniatures and have a lot of different items you can buy to decorate in mini style.

You can find these 1:144 scale miniature dollhouses and more in my Late Night Coffee Etsy store. Just click on the photos above or the link to take you to them.

LOVE miniatures? Visit my dollhouse miniatures Pinterest board! You can find more miniatures that I have created through the years and see what has inspired my creativity.

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Holiday Dollhouse Miniatures

Handmade holiday dollhouse miniatures are perfect treasures to add a touch of magic and wonder to a dollhouse! For years, dollhouses have been decorated for different holidays, especially Christmas! It’s a great way to get into the spirit of the holidays and create a little miniature magic.

I have created some pieces that are sure to add some magic to your holidays! They are made to fit in most styles of dollhouses and would look perfect by a fireplace, Christmas tree, or in an area that you need a little holiday decor.

These meticulously crafted miniatures not only make exceptional gifts but also serve as cherished keepsakes that can be enjoyed for years to come. With their little details, these pieces help add beauty and charm to any dollhouse, as well as creating an enchanting display.

These pieces also offer a unique and thoughtful present for dollhouse enthusiasts, collectors, or anyone who appreciates the artistry and charm of miniature creations. Each one is handmade and ready to be displayed.

Visit my Late Night Coffee store on Etsy to see these and more holiday dollhouse miniatures! Click on the link or each photo above to see details.

Love dollhouse miniatures? I’ve created hundreds of dollhouse miniatures in the past and enjoy every minute of it! Visit my miniatures board on Pinterest to see more miniatures I’ve created!

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Dollhouse Miniature Signs and Wall Decor

I’ve been busily creating a new line of miniatures. Dollhouse miniature signs and wall decor!

I’m having so much finding fun old signage and images from the 1800’s and early 1900’s and creating them into vintage looking wall hangings. It definitely takes some time to make each one look old but I think the effort was worth it!

These can be used in many different style of dollhouses. Perfect for miniature kitchens, living rooms, bakeries, cabins…and more! And because the backs have also been artistically distressed, they can also be leaned against objects if you need a piece of art/sign to fill in an empty space.

Whether you have a colonial, Victorian, rustic, cottagecore, modern, or other wonderful theme, these pieces of art are a perfect addition to a miniature room!

You can find these and other dollhouse miniatures in my Late Night Coffee Etsy store. Click on the pictures below to see each of these new arrivals!

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Doll’s Dolls-Dollhouse Miniatures-New Arrivals!

I’ve been busy creating some new miniatures….doll’s dolls!

Perfect for miniature children’s rooms, miniature nurseries, miniature toy shops or under a dollhouse Christmas tree!

Each are completely handmade and have a little item they are holding.

I also made another miniature “bunny box” It’s filled with little handmade momentos with a blue and white color theme. So cute and ready to add to your dollhouse decor! Another cute addition to my miniature momento box line.

You can find these doll’s dolls, bunny box, and other handmade miniatures in my Late Night Coffee Etsy store! I add new ones each week! Just click on pictures above or below.

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Miniature Rabbit Dolls

If you collect miniatures or decorate a dollhouse for seasons/holidays, these little miniature rabbit dolls are perfect for your collection!

Made to look like a vintage rabbit, these cloth dolls are a great addition to a vintage-style dollhouse. Each are handmade, one at a time, by me!

Visit my Late Night Coffee Etsy store or check out this post to see these and other miniature cloth dolls I have available!

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Dollhouse Miniature Cloth Dolls

I have always loved everyday objects that have been miniaturized like these dollhouse miniature dolls. When I was little, I absolutely loved dollhouses and all the little items you could put in them. It was so fun decorating each room and wondering what it would be like to live in the room I would create.

As I got older and started enjoying art, I began creating miniatures for my own enjoyment and then to sell. I found what I loved was creating little items that looked vintage. It is so much fun to find an item from another era and recreate it in miniaturized form.

I started to make these little animal dolls during the pandemic. It took a lot of time to figure out how to make each one so that they looked like the dolls from the 1800’s. They each measure between 1- 2 inches, have a flat bottom, and are stuffed with wool. Each one is a labor of love.

You can find my most recent cloth animal dolls in my Etsy store! Check back often as I add new ones frequently. Perfect for dollhouses or doll/miniature collectors!

You can also see my past dolls and miniatures I have created on my Dollhouse Miniatures board on Pinterest!

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