Bulletin Board Ideas for School

Need some creative bulletin board ideas for your school or classroom? Here are five easy ones for you!

“Everyone’s a Winner in (insert name) Class!

Bulletin board looks like a big board game where each space has a different topic that will be covered that year.

“We’re Wizards at Math!”

Pictures of wizards holding math papers showing student work.

“Thinking Leads to….”

Giant brain in center with yarn that leads to thinking words around it. ( Ex: Ideas! Inventions! Problem-solving! Communication!, etc.)

Books that are Movies

Create a board that has the titles of books that were made into really great children/teen movies!

Wow! Board

Let students write something special or great that they have accomplished on an index card and put on board. Put the word “WOW!” on the board in big letters. This can be an ongoing board for the year.

Need help planning your bulletin boards? Here is a FREE bulletin board planning sheet you can find in my TPT store! Click the picture or link to get it and start creating your own bulletin board ideas!

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FREE Homeschool Schedule Planning Sheet Printable

Simple and easy homeschool planning sheet!

Simply write in the dates, subjects, and brief description of assignment/project/lessons in the spaces provided.

Great way to keep track of multiple lessons and keep a record of what has been accomplished!

Simply click on the page above for a FREE printable schedule PDF!


Click here to see this item in my Late Night Coffee Store on Teachers Pay Teachers!

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Halloween Themed Cover Page or Coloring Sheet

Halloween Themed Cover Page or Coloring Sheet

Need a cover sheet for your student’s Halloween stories?

Or a coloring sheet where the students can add their own Halloween drawing?

This vintage, giant moon overlooking some sillouetted trees has a great blank space for just that!

This page is in black and white. Just perfect for a Halloween week activity!

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Bulletin Board Planning Sheet

Bulletin Board Planning Sheet

Need help with your bulletin boards?

This sheet is absolutely one of the best ways to make bulletin board planning easier! Its step-by-step organization covers all the areas that are needed to ensure that your boards look great all year.

Areas include:

Dates for bulletin board
Number of each letter needed
Color of background
Color of letters
Type of student work
Type of border
AND….and a large space to make a layout!

You and your parent volunteers will LOVE how easy it is to plan and implement bulletin board ideas by simply using this sheet!

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