Following Directions Activity

Second and Third Grade: Following Directions Activity Sheet with Party Theme

Do your students need some extra practice following written directions? This following instructions activity will take them through the steps to “decorate” a room for a party.

Students will read through the directions completely and then follow each one to complete the activity. Students will color, draw, cut and glue their items onto the party room according to the directions.

Skills enforced include:
Following written directions
Fine motor skills
Spatial awareness on paper
Reading comprehension

Duration of activity: 30 – 60 minutes.

Materials needed include: scissors, glue, crayons, and pencil.

Teacher looks at student’s work to see that he/she has followed directions. No answer key provided.

All the sheets provided are shown in the thumbnail pictures found on the Teachers Pay Teachers listing.

Easy to use for both teacher and student!


Following directions is an important skill for students to have in the classroom. This is especially important for younger 2nd and 3rd grade students. You can help keep your class organized and on task for any assignment with this activity! In addition, the fun party-theme allows students to learn this ability in a fun and educational way!

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Escape from the Zombies! Sentence Building Game

Escape from the Zombies! Sentence Building Game-4th-8th Grade

Need a sentence building game that reinforces how to write correct sentences and helps your students’ language arts abilities?

Try this “Escape from the Zombies!” sentence building game!

In this game, the players must put together six sentences correctly. The first to finish…..”Escapes from the Zombies!”…and wins!

In order to play this game successfully, the student must have working knowledge of the following parts of speech:

Nouns (plural and singular)

Verbs (past, present, and future tenses)









This game can be used in any subject where writing a correct sentence is necessary. It connects to what is being taught in class because lesson topics can also be used as a theme in this game.

This game can be played with 2-6 players, either individually or in teams.

Duration of game: 30 minutes

Materials needed: 2 die, pencils


Sentence building is a basic part of grammar. Your students can learn how to improve that skill in a fun way with this entertaining game! Students won’t need any advanced knowledge in order to enjoy the game. However, they need to know the basic parts of speech to begin. Sentence building is an important foundation for any further study in English. You can be sure that your students are set up to succeed by doing this activity!

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Student Journal Pages for Classroom

Student Journal Pages and Cover for Middle School & High School

Need a great way to get your teen students writing? Get them to write about themselves! These student journal pages can help bring out the writer in even the coolest kid in the class!

This set comes with two journal pages (in full and half page sizes) and two different variations of cover (in full and half page size).

One page has students writing about what they are thinking and the other page concentrates on their current activities and favorites.

Both the cover and the journal pages come in full and half page sizes so they can be used in a variety of ways.


– Each size can be copied and stapled to make booklet.

– Students can be given copies of either size to cut and paste into whatever notebook/composition book you have required.

I personally like the copying and pasting because it actually gets the student invested timewise into the journal. This can mean more personal responsibility on it’s upkeep. It also allows for more creative writing/doodling in the margins. More creativity=better writing.

This journal would best be used once a week as the questions may become redundant if used daily.

**Please Note** The page that looks like several notebook pieces of paper stacked on each other is the ACTUAL journal page designed to look like that. The students write in the little spaces provided on each little “sheet of notebook paper” on that one page. Simply- The journal page looks like a stack of notebook pages. 🙂

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Reading Comprehension Game

Reading Comprehension Game for any Story! 2nd-4th grade

This reading comprehension game is an excellent way to review any story your students read!

Students move around the board answering questions about the story. There are 30 total questions on the board.

Questions cover:
Main characters
Author information
Beginning, Middle, and End
Relating personal experience to story

Great for centers, small groups, or rainy days!


Reading comprehension is an important skill in the classroom. It helps students understand and appreciate the things they read. This improves their reading experience!

In addition, reading comprehension develops a student’s storytelling potential by understanding the parts of a narrative. You can’t make a story if you don’t know what makes it!

 Improving a student’s language arts skills isn’t all this activity can do! This game can also be used to help a student’s analysis for a book they’re reading for class! Your students go step-by-step through reviewing the elements of your chosen story as they play the game. In fact, you can choose any story you’d like!

If your students need help with examining the elements of a story, use this activity! It’s an easy, fun, and educational game to improve a much-needed skill.

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