100 Blank Journal Pages for any Subject! Grades 1-5

100 Blank Journal Pages for any Subject! Grades 1-5

** Please note: These blank journal pages are NOT editable. They are designed to use with student driven work.**

This zip file contains 2 PDF files for:
1.Composition book size pages (9″x 6.5″)
2.Notebook size pages (9.5″ x 7″)

Each page has wide ruled lines to ensure all students can easily write on them.

These 100 page designs can help:
Creative Writing
Visual Image of Ideas

Versatile enough to use with any subject!

Page designs include:
Nature and Science Shapes
Fraction Shapes
Speech Bubbles
Full Page Creative Designs
Alphabet A-Z (one large letter on each page)
Notebook Journal Sheet (no design)
Composition Book Journal Sheet (no design)

Simply print on letter size paper, cut out page, and glue into journals.

They can also be stapled together for a specific unit activity or used as a stand-alone sheet. Lots of creative options!

Tip: For best results, print at “Actual Size”. This will ensure the work area of the sheet stays within the parameters of the journal. If it is an unusual sized journal, you may need to resize the sheet when printing.

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A Dozen Doughnuts-Review Game for any Subject!

A Dozen Doughnuts-Review Game for any Subject!

Need a fun, non-stressful way to review facts, material, or subject content?

Whether it’s math facts, spelling, science vocabulary, or any other information that needs to be remembered, this game can help you do that with your students!

This product comes with two ways to play the game:

“Please Don’t Eat the Doughnuts!”- Players have to make it home from the bakery with a dozen doughnuts without “eating” one!

“More Doughnuts, Please!”-Players try to get as many doughnuts from the busy baker that they can! The cost? Correct answers to questions!

This game consists of:
12 printable doughnut cards
Easy-to-follow instructions for both games
Doughnut certificates for participants
Additional creative ways to play the games

Please note: This game does not come with questions/answers.
Number of players: 2 or more on both games
Materials: Game cards and questions that you supply.
Suggested number of review questions: 15-25

Perfect for learning centers, small groups….or the whole classroom!

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Invasion of the Fractions!-A Halloween Fractions Card Game

Invasion of the Fractions!-A Halloween Fractions Card Game

Need a fun fraction game?

Two players draw the Halloween themed cards and form fractions. The person with the larger fraction wins a point. First player to get to ten points wins!

This game is for two players.

Fraction skills include:
Writing simple fractions
Comparing simple fractions
Finding common denominators
Identifying and correctly using fractions up to twelfths
Writing mixed fractions
Comparing mixed fractions
Identifying equivalent fractions

This game can also be played as a review activity with one person. Simply have the student draw 4 cards and arrange them into two fractions. They write down the fractions, find the common denominator, and decide which one is bigger.

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