Reading Comprehension Game

Reading Comprehension Game for any Story! 2nd-4th grade

This reading comprehension game is an excellent way to review any story your students read!

Students move around the board answering questions about the story. There are 30 total questions on the board.

Questions cover:
Main characters
Author information
Beginning, Middle, and End
Relating personal experience to story

Great for centers, small groups, or rainy days!


Reading comprehension is an important skill in the classroom. It helps students understand and appreciate the things they read. This improves their reading experience!

In addition, reading comprehension develops a student’s storytelling potential by understanding the parts of a narrative. You can’t make a story if you don’t know what makes it!

 Improving a student’s language arts skills isn’t all this activity can do! This game can also be used to help a student’s analysis for a book they’re reading for class! Your students go step-by-step through reviewing the elements of your chosen story as they play the game. In fact, you can choose any story you’d like!

If your students need help with examining the elements of a story, use this activity! It’s an easy, fun, and educational game to improve a much-needed skill.

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