Medieval Costume Ideas

Are getting ready for a Renaissance festival, designing a costume for a show, or creating clothing for an art doll? If you are, these medieval costume ideas can offer you some inspiration!

Finding unique ideas and details for a costume can be challenging. Trying to find authentic ones can sometimes seem impossible. This video shows a few costumes that have some wonderful detailing and use creative ways to use fabric in each one. They show real costumes from the early 1900’s that the designers used for their performances.

Designing clothing from this time period can be fun and a great way to learn history! There were so many roles people had in that time period. Clothing served special purposes for each person and what they did in their lives. This is where finding unique details can really bring an authenticity to your design work!

Enjoy being inspired with this medieval costume ideas video! The photos are from actual costumes of productions done in the early 1900’s! The details and creativity are amazing!

Need some organization for your medieval costume buttons? Check out these medieval themed button cards. You can sort out your buttons by size, material, garment use, or age. Perfect for organizing all those buttons for easier use!

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