Island Fun Packet-Tropical Flowers, Leaves,Shells for Paper Craft Activities

Island Fun Packet-Tropical Flowers, Leaves,Shells for Paper Craft Activities

Bring the tropics into your classroom with this fun packet!

This 10 page packet includes:
1 sheet of tropical flower chains (2)
1 sheet of smaller tropical flower chains (4)
1 sheet of individual tropical flowers (10)
1 sheet of individual smaller tropical flowers (27)
1 sheet of large tropical leaves (2)
1 sheet of smaller tropical leaves (8)
1 sheet of thin tropical leaves (5)
1 sheet of smaller thin tropical leaves (15)
1 sheet of seashells and starfish (6)
1 sheet of smaller seashells and starfish (12)

Perfect for tropical paper crafts like:
Bulletin boards
Social Studies Projects
Name Tags
Desk Tags
Library Displays
And more!

Please note: These graphics have more of an “illustration” look rather than a photograph.

For simplicity in cutting, there are no “palm leaves” in this packet. If your student desires a palm-style leaf, simply cut slits or thin triangles into the solid leaves.

This packet is made for color printing.

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Historical Figure Game for any Person in History!

Historical Figure Game for any Person in History!

This game is an excellent way to review any biography or autobiography your students read!

Students move around the board answering questions about the person. There are 28 total questions on the board.

Questions cover:
Person’s achievements
Media featuring this person
Person’s influence on present day
Person’s family history
Person’s schooling
Birth/Death dates
Inferencing/Opinions about person

Great way to review, study or research about a person!
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100 Blank Journal Pages for any Subject! Grades 1-5

100 Blank Journal Pages for any Subject! Grades 1-5

** Please note: These blank journal pages are NOT editable. They are designed to use with student driven work.**

This zip file contains 2 PDF files for:
1.Composition book size pages (9″x 6.5″)
2.Notebook size pages (9.5″ x 7″)

Each page has wide ruled lines to ensure all students can easily write on them.

These 100 page designs can help:
Creative Writing
Visual Image of Ideas

Versatile enough to use with any subject!

Page designs include:
Nature and Science Shapes
Fraction Shapes
Speech Bubbles
Full Page Creative Designs
Alphabet A-Z (one large letter on each page)
Notebook Journal Sheet (no design)
Composition Book Journal Sheet (no design)

Simply print on letter size paper, cut out page, and glue into journals.

They can also be stapled together for a specific unit activity or used as a stand-alone sheet. Lots of creative options!

Tip: For best results, print at “Actual Size”. This will ensure the work area of the sheet stays within the parameters of the journal. If it is an unusual sized journal, you may need to resize the sheet when printing.

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A Dozen Doughnuts-Review Game for any Subject!

A Dozen Doughnuts-Review Game for any Subject!

Need a fun, non-stressful way to review facts, material, or subject content?

Whether it’s math facts, spelling, science vocabulary, or any other information that needs to be remembered, this game can help you do that with your students!

This product comes with two ways to play the game:

“Please Don’t Eat the Doughnuts!”- Players have to make it home from the bakery with a dozen doughnuts without “eating” one!

“More Doughnuts, Please!”-Players try to get as many doughnuts from the busy baker that they can! The cost? Correct answers to questions!

This game consists of:
12 printable doughnut cards
Easy-to-follow instructions for both games
Doughnut certificates for participants
Additional creative ways to play the games

Please note: This game does not come with questions/answers.
Number of players: 2 or more on both games
Materials: Game cards and questions that you supply.
Suggested number of review questions: 15-25

Perfect for learning centers, small groups….or the whole classroom!

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Powerful Words Editing Game for Writing

Powerful Words Editing Game for Writing

Need help motivating students to use higher level vocabulary in their writing?

This editing game can be played during or after a writing assignment. As it’s being played, it challenges them to add better vocabulary by looking for more opportunities to improve their wording and gain points.

The game sheets include a verb sheet and an adjective/adverb sheet. The words found at the top of each section on the sheets are common words students use in their writing. The “powerful words”, which are next to the stars, are given as substitutions and are as close in meaning to the original word as possible.
The challenge is for the student to use the words with the most point values in their writing. The game can be played for overall winners or trying to top their last score (personal best).

Game includes:
Adjective/Adverb Game Sheet
Verbs (present tense) Game Sheet
Verbs (past tense) Game Sheet

As you can see, I have created a sheet for past verb tenses and a sheet for present verb tenses. I found this to be easier for the students when editing their work. Before the student begins editing, determine which tense they have used in their writing. After determining the tense, simply give the student the correct tense sheet.

There will be, of course, some instances where one of the substitutions may not be able to be used correctly based on the context of the sentence. In that case, the student can choose another “powerful word” choice for their substitute word.

Because the game sheets have a basic look, they can be used easily with older and younger students in grades 3-12.

Perfect for individuals, small groups, whole classrooms, or tutoring.

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Barn Art Activity-Build a Miniature Barn and Farmyard Replica

Barn Art Activity-Build a Miniature Barn and Farmyard Replica

This item contains the graphics and visual instructions you need to make your very own farmyard replica!

This activity allows you to make a barn, silo, farm animals, farm decor, and a garden.
MATERIALS NEEDED FOR THIS PROJECT:Cardboard box (sides no longer than 18”) or a shoebox, scissors, glue (stick and liquid), scotch tape, paperclips, crayons or colored pencils, file folder (optional),construction paper or poster board for base, cylinder shaped container(s) for silo (chip can, coffee can, oatmeal container, etc), and any extras you may want to add.
These sets of graphics are black and white and are ready to be colored with crayons or colored pencils.

This product does not come with colored graphics.

Graphic designs include:
Wood Siding
Farm Animals (Horse, sheep, pig, chicken, dog, and cow)
Farm Decor (Barn doors, windows, basket, pail, chicken hutch, haystack, firewood stack, and wheelbarrow)
Garden plants (corn, cabbage, and pumpkins)

These graphics include one set proportioned for a shoebox size box and one set for a regular cardboard box with sides no longer than 18”.

This item also comes with visual step-by-step instructions of one way to construct your farm. There is also a sheet of useful tips.

These graphics are intended to be used on the exterior of the box. No specific interior graphics or interior instructions included.
This activity is perfect for individual, small group, or class.

Duration of project: 3-4 hours depending on age of child.

Perfect for book reports, class themed activities, home activity…or just for fun!
If you have any questions about this item, please ask in the “Question Section” of my store! I’ll be glad to answer them!

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