DIY Miniature Crates

These DIY miniature crates are perfect for decorating a farmhouse style dollhouse, rustic roombox, or a miniature general store!

And the best part? They are made with paper!

In earlier years, crates were very useful for both the company and the customer. These sturdy boxes were used to ship and deliver items so that the products arrived safe and secure. Also, they were a great form of advertising as they passed hands. customers and shop owners could count on their merchandise arriving in good condition if it traveled a long distance because of the sturdiness of the wood construction. A lot of these crates have made it through the years and are still around today. Good craftmanship and the durability of wood kept them in one piece to be enjoyed today.

Each one of these can be made with diy miniature crates printables can be found in my Late Night Coffee Etsy store! Each printable comes with two different crates. In addition, the graphics are vintage-style and some are actual product logos, designs, and names from the late 1800’s. It’s a fun way to add some authenticity to your miniature setting. So easy to make….just print…cut…and create!

To see these crate printables, click on the picture above or this Late Night Coffee Etsy store link!

Love miniatures? Find some inspiration on my Overnight Coffee channel on YouTube! It’s a great way to get ideas, inspiration, and tutorials to make my printables!

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