Dollhouse Miniature Tutorials

I started a YouTube channel, Overnight Coffee, that features dollhouse miniature tutorials and ideas for dollhouses. The tutorials are videos on how to make the many miniature printables I have in my Etsy store. Besides the tutorials, there are many videos that can inspire ideas for miniatures and dollhouse rooms.

I have carefully curated collections of photos from various vintage sources for the idea videos. They feature real photos of vintage items and actual rooms in houses that can help give some authentic ideas for miniature home decor. I love putting them together and showcasing some wonderful items from days long ago. There are so many ingenious things that have been made and invented throughout history. Besides being a fun artistic outlet, dollhouses and roomboxes are perfect for presenting a little snapshot of these times from long ago.

In addition to the idea videos, I have created dollhouse miniature tutorials of the printables I design. These printables are found in my Late Night Coffee store on Etsy. I absolutely love coming up with different ideas and creating each of them digitally. The tutorial videos are to show how to make them and to give some good tips. Because I was a teacher and an artist most of my life, I have found this is a fun way to use both of those skills.

Here’s one of my tutorial videos on the Overnight Coffee Channel!

So, if you need inspiration or a tutorial on one of my printables,you can visit my Overnight Coffee YouTube channel by clicking on the photos, video link, or text link!

In addition, if you love miniatures, visit my Dollhouse Miniatures board on Pinterest! More of my miniatures to see there, too!

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