Inventions-Creative Thinking Activities for Physical Science

Inventions-Creative Thinking Activities for Physical Science

Unleash your students’ creative and inventive minds!

This product consists of 20 actual mechanical drawings and illustrations of inventions created in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. They are perfect for inspiring new inventions by your students!

Activities that can be used with these drawings include:

1) Creating new inventions by adding on to the drawing and reinventing the purpose of the invention on the page.
2 )Guessing what the original invention was by observing the various functions in the drawing.
3) Identifying the various simple machines that were used to create the invention.
4) Adding a specific simple machine to the invention for reinforcement of that concept.

These are just a few of the activities you can do with these pages!

Each page contains a black and white mechanical drawing of an invention. There is space around each drawing for labels and for creating additional parts.

In addition, there is a list that tells what each invention is on each of the pages.

These activities are also a great way to supplement a unit on simple machines, physical science, inventors, or mechanical drawing.

Used as either a weekly or one time activity, these can be used easily for a whole class, small groups, individuals, or centers.

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