Project Based Learning Activity- Ocean Animals – Marine Biology

Project Based Learning Activity- Ocean Animals-Marine Biology 

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This project based learning activity takes your students into the world of marine biology!

Acting as marine animal research team members,students will:

Choose an ocean animal to research in an expedition
Design a logo for their research team
Find funding by writing and advertising for donations
Keep accurate records of donations and expenses
Buy supplies for their expedition
Create a travel plan to their port
Solve problems related to travel
Collect and record data on their specimens
Create graphs using data collected on their expedition
Design a pamphlet about their expedition

This product has 10 daily activities that lead the students through the process of organizing and planning a marine research expedition. Each activity lasts at least an hour, but can be broken up into smaller amounts of time if needed.

Everything you need to administer a successful project based activity including:

Essential elements in this project-based learning activity:
Daily Materials/Subjects/Skills Sheet
Group name tags
Daily journal tabs
Student Attendance Sheet
Reflection Log (5 pages)
Logo Design Sheets
Letter/Email/Ad/Phone Message for Donations
Financial Sheets
Research Boat Sheet
Travel Sheet
Communication/Message Sheet
Data Log
Graph Sheet
Specimen Question Sheet
Pamphlet Sheet
Days 1-10 Activity Directions Sheets (10 sheets)

Also included:
Daily supplies list for each activity
Skills list for each activity
Main curriculum subjects for each activity

Structured so you don’t have to plan too much, but flexible enough to add your own ideas!

Can be used for whole classroom, small groups, or individuals!

Subjects include:
Social Studies

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