Dollhouse Miniature Toy and Game Boxes Printable

If you love collecting tiny treasures, check out this vintage-style dollhouse miniature printable! It is perfect for Christmas, birthdays, or crafting a nostalgic-themed miniature room.

It’s like a delightful time capsule for your dollhouse! Each box features a graphic or picture of toys, games, and activities from long ago.

Whether you’re gearing up for Christmas, birthdays, or crafting a room with a touch of nostalgia, this printable is a go-to. These minuscule wonders are perfect for scenes reminiscent of bygone celebrations.

And guess what? It’s kind to your budget! Just hit print, do a little cutting, and dive into the joy of crafting these miniature marvels for yourself or someone who shares your love for all things tiny. Also, if you need more, just print more out!

So, whether you’re adorning a petite Christmas tree, transforming a dollhouse bedroom into a more nostalgic time, or crafting a holiday-themed display, this vintage-style printable is a great way to add to the fun!

Please note: This printable is designed for adult miniature collectors. It is not a child’s toy.

You can find this printable in my Late Night Coffee Etsy store. Simply click the link or photos!

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