Chicks Printable

Decorate your home or craft with this sweet chicks printable!

Featuring a vintage chick illustration from the 1800’s, this flock of chicks prints easily on 8.5 x 11 paper. Perfect for framing, crafting, junk journals, scrapbooks, bookmarks, box upcycling….and more!

Just download the high resolution (300 dpi) jpg file and print!

You can find this printable digital paper and more in my Late Night Coffee store on Etsy!

Chicks Printable in Frame

Here are more fun crafts you can find in my store! Just click on the photo to find out more about them!

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QUICK and Easy Gift Box for Last Minute Gifts

Leave that gift bag on your kitchen table this morning? Want to take some cookies to the neighbor but don’t want to use a whipped cream bowl? Need an easy gift box for that gift your group is making today?

You have a nice gift…..but now you need a nice looking box!

Well, you are in luck because here’s a gift box that you can make in about 10 minutes! Seriously, the box pictured took me about ten minutes (minus the time spent taking the photos).

Here are the four things you will need:

  1. Floral paper printable (You can find it in my Etsy store here) I printed on plain copy paper.
  2. Small box (clean food box or small shipping box)
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
Materials needed

Directions (which can only be found on this website):

Cue “Mission Impossible” music.

Get your box. Cut it to the size you need or just use it if you like the size. For my saltine box…. I undid flaps, flattened it, cut it in half, and taped bottom flaps back together. If you are using a regular cardboard box, cutting the top flaps off will give you sturdy sides on the box for this quick project.

Print floral paper printable. The sheet is 11.5 inches across. You will need to measure around the outside the box you are going to use to know how many pieces to print. Yay math! I used a half of a saltine box and needed two sheets of it….just for reference. Cut out floral graphic from the rest of the white space on paper(s). You can be as concise or as “close enough!” as you want with this. I’m more of a “close enough” kind of person….especially in time crunches.

Next, place the floral graphic up to box. If it is too tall, cut off the bottom edge to desired height. You will want some of the floral part to go above the sides. Now, start gluing the paper around outside of box. If you can, crease the paper at edges for better fit. Glue, smooth, glue, smooth……..glue….smooth.

If you want a smoother transition on edges, crease the edge, add glue, and place other piece over it.

And VOILA!! You have your box! Now if you have time and some floral paper left over, you can glue a piece to the bottom. But really….who looks at the bottom of the box anyway? And besides….we are in a time crunch, people!

Now, if you are in a real pinch, you can use cut/shredded scrap paper, tissue paper, paper bag, or whatever you have that is convenient. Cut…..fluff…..and place in box. Put your gift or items in…and you are done! (Your items will probably be more “gift-like” than mine…although some people might actually appreciate a nice package of tuna) Give yourself a pat on the back and take a breath! You did it!

You can now turn off the “Mission Impossible” music.

You can get this floral paper and another floral design here in my Late Night Coffee store on Etsy!

You can click on photos below to see these designs in my store!

Like DIY crafts? Visit my DIY Vintage Style Rabbit post for another spring craft!

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Miniature Rabbit Dolls

If you collect miniatures or decorate a dollhouse for seasons/holidays, these little miniature rabbit dolls are perfect for your collection!

Made to look like a vintage rabbit, these cloth dolls are a great addition to a vintage-style dollhouse. Each are handmade, one at a time, by me!

Visit my Late Night Coffee Etsy store or check out this post to see these and other miniature cloth dolls I have available!

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Vintage Journal Tags Printable

Do you have a vintage style junk journal or scrapbook? Need a fun and unique gift tag? This vintage journal tags printable features antique luggage, dog, and hotel tags from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Perfect for anyone who loves the look of old items from the past! You can find this set of tags in my Late Night Coffee Etsy store!

Like the look of vintage style graphics? Here are more great sets of crafting printables that I have available!

Cottagecore Clip Art
Cottagecore Clip Art Printables
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Spring Clip Art Printable

Celebrate the beauty of spring and spring crafts with these vintage spring clip art illustrations!

Each black and white illustration is from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s and is perfect for junk journals, scrapbooking, cardmaking, or any other craft that uses clip art!

Visit my Late Night Coffee Etsy store to purchase this set!

Late Night Coffee store on Etsy

And if you are looking for a sweet vintage craft for spring, this little vintage style rabbit is perfect!

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St. Patrick’s Day Card & Stationery Printable

Celebrate the Irish holiday with others with this beautiful St. Patrick’s card and stationery printable!

The card measures 5″ x 7″ and the stationery measures 8.5″ x 11″.

Also includes BONUS envelope template file for card!

The card and stationery feature images from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Perfect for anyone who loves vintage style items!

You can find this St. Patrick’s Day set in my Late Night Coffee store on Etsy!

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Lacing Cards Printable-Stuffed Animal Themed

Do you have a young or older person that could use some fun practice with fine-motor skills?
These stuffed animal-themed lacing cards are a great activity that enhances that skill!

You can find this stuffed animal lacing cards printable in my Late Night Coffee Etsy store and in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Perfect for:
Nursing Homes/Assisted Living
Children’s clubs/Organization Activity
Birthday Party
Winter/Summer Break Activity
Car Trips/Errands

This PDF file includes:
3 pages of stuffed animals (teddy bear, dog, and cat) sized 5.25” x 3.5” (two of same animal on each page)
3 pages of stuffed animals (teddy bear, dog, and cat) sized 7” x 4.” (one on each page)
Instruction sheet with visuals.

You can find this printable in my Late Night Coffee store on Etsy and my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Need another type of lacing card? Try these sweet little dress lacing cards!

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Ten-Day Project Based Learning Activities

Need a fun project that will keep your students engaged and learning each day?

Try one of these 10-day project based learning activities!

Each one takes the students into a different world where they get to become different professions that explore our world. Packed with fun and engaging lessons, your class will problem solve different situations as they transform themselves into a marine biologist, rainforest ecologist, space explorer, or restaurant owner.

These lessons are structured so you don’t have to plan too much, but flexible enough to add your own ideas!

Visit my Late Night Coffee Teachers Pay Teachers store or click each picture below to see what each has to offer!

Perfect for classrooms, summer camps, and academic clubs!

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DIY Vintage Style Rabbit

DIY Vintage Style Rabbit

Love vintage decor? This DIY vintage style rabbit craft is perfect for anyone who decorates with vintage items! And best of all- NO wood is needed! This craft is also great because you don’t need to be “perfect” with it. It allows for errors and imperfections because it is meant to look vintage and “pre-loved”.

Here are the supplies you will need:

Supplies you will need for rabbit
  • Printable Rabbit graphics (You can find them in my Late Night Coffee Etsy store) These graphics have a “worn” look to them. They come in 3 sizes-(8 x 4.25 inches, 6 x 3.25 inches, and 4 x 2.25 inches). Each size has two side views for the front and back of piece. Please note: The instructions to make this DIY vintage style rabbit are only on this website. You can print them out directly from here if needed.
  • Chipboard (or food carton boxes to make your own) You will need pieces that are about 1/16″ or 1mm thick. The length and width you will need will depend on the size of the rabbit you are making (see below in my supply comments.)
  • Scissors (strong enough to cut through chipboard)
  • White glue
  • Glue stick
  • Paintbrushes (smaller size)
  • Acrylic Matte Paint (I prefer off-white)
  • FINE sandpaper
  • Ruler
  • Black or dark brown pencil to fill in any errors( if needed )

I will take a moment to comment on the supplies.

Here is the breakdown for the approximate size chipboard you will need for each size rabbit and base:

  • Large rabbit- (4 pieces that are at least 8.5″ x 5″ each for rabbit) (One piece that is at least 5.5″ x 7″ for base)
  • Medium rabbit (4 pieces that are at least 6.5″ x 4″ each for rabbit) (One piece that is at least 4.5″ x 5″ for base)
  • Small rabbit (4 pieces that are at least 4.5″ x 3″ each for rabbit) (One piece that is at least 3.5″ x 5″ for base)

I don’t endorse any one product, but I have found some products work well with this craft.

I like Aleene’s Tacky Glue because it is strong holding, however a good white glue will also work.

If you don’t have off-white paint you can add a little drop of yellow to white paint and make a nice off-white color.

And finally chipboard. I regularly have found stashes of chipboard at thrift stores, so that is where I usually get mine. I also upcycle things with it. You can find chipboard in lots of everyday products like the backs of some notebooks and certain product boxes. Chipboard is just a sturdy, thick cardboard and it is NOT corrugated (wavy on inside). You can also make your own chipboard by layering food product box cardboard together. Here is a video that shows how to make your own.

I will also state for the record that these following instructions are how I made this rabbit. Like any craft, you may find a way to make it easier….or better!


Print and cut out both views of rabbit graphics from paper. ( I leave a little white area around each rabbit because it makes cutting them out easier and less likely to cut too much off of the graphic later on.) GLUE STICK them onto the chipboard. Make sure you cover the whole back with the glue stick. Smooth graphic and let dry on chipboard for 10 minutes or so. Now cut out both rabbits around edge of the actual graphic (cutting off white area). I find if you cut small pieces off one at a time, it saves the graphic from possible wrinkling and your hands from hurting.

Cover the backs of both of these rabbits with WHITE GLUE and glue them onto ANOTHER piece of chipboard. You can put a heavy book on top of these pieces to really help the rabbits adhere. Let dry for at least 30 minutes.

While you are waiting for your glue to dry, cut out your chipboard pieces for your base. The size of base will depend on what size rabbit graphic you are working with:

  • Large rabbit (8″) – Make four 5″ x 1.5″ pieces
  • Medium rabbit (6″) – Make four 4″ x 1″ pieces.
  • Small rabbit (4″) – Make four 3″ x 1″ pieces

Cut out rectangles and glue each piece on top of each other until you have a “block”. You will now have a 4 layer base. Don’t worry about imperfection when cutting, it will add to the the “aged” look.

When rabbits have dried, cut out both rabbits around the actual graphic again. Cutting small pieces as you go is easier. Don’t worry if your cutting doesn’t look perfect or isn’t matching up. It’s supposed to look old AND the next steps will help make it look less obvious. Each rabbit piece is now two layers thick. Each should be about 1/8″ thick.

Cover the back of one of the rabbits with white glue (get all the edges!) and glue to back of other rabbit. Let dry and use heavy book to weigh down if you need. Let dry for 30 minutes. You now will have one rabbit piece that is 4 layers thick. (See how imperfect mine is!) This 4-layer thickness should be about 1/4″ thick.

Now, break out that FINE sandpaper . You are going to GENTLY sand the sides of your rabbit AND base so they are a little more flush and smooth like a piece of wood. Again, don’t worry about making the sides perfectly smooth. You need some imperfections to make the piece look older.

Now, it’s time to get out the paint. Dip a LITTLE amount of paint onto the small paintbrush. You will now dab/swipe small amounts here and there on sides of rabbit piece. Don’t cover all the layered chipboard. It’s supposed to look like some has worn/faded/chipped off. Paint around the rabbit sides (except bottom side). Now, paint the base. Use same dab/swipe technique with side edges. The top can be painted with bigger brush, but use a little so you can still see some chipboard through. You can choose to paint bottom or leave plain, depending on your preference and where it will be displayed.

Break out that FINE sandpaper again, and GENTLY sand the edges, top,and sides of base. You goal is to make it look aged, so use alight touch while anding.

Spread white glue on the bottom of rabbit piece and place in center of base. Hold down firmly for a minute or two to make sure it is adhered. Let dry. I don’t put a sealer on because it sometimes it smears the printer ink and I like the flat “old wood” look. But you, of course, are free to do what you would like with the rabbit and base to protect it.

And…it’s done! Time to find a nice spot for your piece! I hope you enjoyed making your vintage style rabbit!

Click here to visit my Late Night Coffee Etsy store for these rabbit graphics and more!

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Dollhouse Miniature Cloth Dolls

I have always loved everyday objects that have been miniaturized like these dollhouse miniature dolls. When I was little, I absolutely loved dollhouses and all the little items you could put in them. It was so fun decorating each room and wondering what it would be like to live in the room I would create.

As I got older and started enjoying art, I began creating miniatures for my own enjoyment and then to sell. I found what I loved was creating little items that looked vintage. It is so much fun to find an item from another era and recreate it in miniaturized form.

I started to make these little animal dolls during the pandemic. It took a lot of time to figure out how to make each one so that they looked like the dolls from the 1800’s. They each measure between 1- 2 inches, have a flat bottom, and are stuffed with wool. Each one is a labor of love.

You can find my most recent cloth animal dolls in my Etsy store! Check back often as I add new ones frequently. Perfect for dollhouses or doll/miniature collectors!

You can also see my past dolls and miniatures I have created on my Dollhouse Miniatures board on Pinterest!

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