1:144 Scale Miniature Dollhouses

I’ve been busy creating these 1:144 scale miniature dollhouses this week!

These miniature dollhouses make a perfect addition for a dollhouse, miniature collection, or miniature display. They feature a 2-floored house plan with various color themes. Each dollhouse has paper graphics mounted on chipboard for the outside and inside of house. The graphic for the exterior of the houses is digitally miniaturized from a house plan drawing from the late 1800’s.

Unsure of what 1:144 scale is? This very small scale basically means that each inch of the object represents 12 feet. These dollhouses are 2 inches wide, so in “real life” the house would be 24 feet wide. Now, if you put this little dollhouse into a 1:12, where each inch represents a foot, this dollhouse’s width would then represent 2 feet wide, which is good for a “dollhouse in a dollhouse”.

Can you buy furniture for this dollhouse? Absolutely! There are many sellers that specialize in this size of miniatures and have a lot of different items you can buy to decorate in mini style.

You can find these 1:144 scale miniature dollhouses and more in my Late Night Coffee Etsy store. Just click on the photos above or the link to take you to them.

LOVE miniatures? Visit my dollhouse miniatures Pinterest board! You can find more miniatures that I have created through the years and see what has inspired my creativity.

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