Victorian Dollhouse Ideas

One popular style of dollhouse is the Victorian house. Here are some great Victorian dollhouse ideas for those of you are decorating an authentic house or Halloween dwelling.

Victorian Dollhouse Ideas

  1. Ornate features- Woodwork often had beautiful carvings and intricate details in these homes. You could find them on stairways, ceilings, and the exterior.
  2. High ceilings– Bigger was better and heating/cooling bills weren’t an issue. The ceilings provided another area for decor as you could see beautiful chandeliers hanging from them as well as ornate ceiling tiles.
  3. Stained glass– Throughout a lot of these homes, stained glass was a coveted feature. Stairwell landings and visiting rooms provided an opportunity to showcase these beautiful windows.
  4. Fireplaces– These provided the much needed warmth during the colder months. You could often find them in several rooms throughout the home and often they also provided a means to display more home decor.
  5. Steep roofs- This is a famous feature of this style of house. It often lends to the “spookiness” that comes with the home’s lore.
  6. Large size– These houses were definitely not cottages. They featured several rooms and stories for showcasing the owner’s grand style. Lots of hallways and lots of rooms meant more ways to decorate.
  7. Turrets– This style of architecture was reminiscent of a castle. The allure to show you owned your own “castle” was visible by having this feature.
  8. Iron fencing– Gothic style fencing often surrounded the property. The ornate features of the fence would compliment the homes exterior.
  9. Multiple stories– Each floor had a purpose and design. Often some floors were closed off during cold or hot months.
  10. Maximalist decor– Lots of decorative and ornate decor….everywhere! This style as for people who loved to show off a lot of their possessions.

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