Fun Kindergarten Activities for Teachers

Fun Kindergarten Activities

As educators and homeschooling parents, we understand the important role kindergarten plays in shaping a child’s future. It is during these early years that children form the foundation of their academic, social, and emotional development. Including fun activities into the kindergarten curriculum can be a game-changer, as it not only sparks joy and laughter, but also offers a great deal of benefits that contribute to a well-rounded education.

Here are some great ideas for making learning in kindergarten an unforgettable and transformative experience!

  1. Movement Activities: Kindergarten students are little bundles of energy! Incorporating movement activities into their daily routine allows them to channel this energy effectively. Physical play helps develop gross motor skills, balance, and coordination. It also actively promotes cognitive growth as the research shows a strong link between physical activity and memory/attention span.
  2. Fine Motor Skills: Kindergarten is an important stage for developing fine motor skills, which are essential for tasks like writing, drawing, and self-care. Engaging in activities like finger-painting, cutting with scissors, lacing, and building with blocks helps children strengthen hand muscles and hand-eye coordination.
  3. Character Building: Introducing character-building games cultivates a positive classroom culture and helps children build essential social skills. Activities like teamwork games, role-playing, and storytelling teach empathy, cooperation, and conflict resolution. When children develop strong emotional intelligence, they achieve a skill that important to their personal growth.
  4. Academic Skills: Using hands-on activities helps to stimulate young minds and keeps learning exciting! The use of art and manipulatives can help younger children stay focused while learning new skills.

It is our responsiblity to create a stimulating and nurturing environment for our little learners. By including these activities into our daily routine with kindergarteners, we empower children with the skills and mindsets they need to thrive educationally and socially.

Bringing the power of play and movement will ensure that their foundational years are filled with joy, laughter, and growth!

Here are some fun kindergarten activities you can find in my Teachers Pay Teachers store! Just click on link or photos below!

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Kindergarten Movement Game – Farm Theme

Here’s a fun kindergarten movement game to help get those “wiggles” out! It’s a great way to introduce a farm unit or incorporate movement into the day.

Find a large area, make a circle with the students, and tell them to pretend they are on a farm.

Here are some farm-themed movement ideas:

Look around at all the animals and plants! (Have students look around and “see” the different animals and plants from they are standing.)

Feed the chickens (Throw the grain and alternate holding the bag of grain between right and left hands.)

Pick some fruit (Reach up and pick fruit and put it in a crate.)

Pick dandelion flowers (Pick the flower and blow the seeds. Watch the seeds float.)

Run to the barn (Run in place to barn.)

Feed a horse a carrot in the barn. (Hold carrot gently and stand on tiptoes to feed horse)

Plant some lettuce in a garden. (Dig a hole, put seeds in, and put dirt over the top. Water the seeds.)

Give a cow some water (Fill bucket with water. Walk with heavy bucket. Set bucket down carefully in front of cow.)

Pick some weeds in the garden (Pick weeds and put in pile. Be careful not to step on plants!)

Walk to the house and climb up the steps to the porch. Drink some fresh lemonade. (Walk, step, and pretend to drink.)

Add your own fun ideas to this kindergarten movement game or have the children come up with some. Its a great brain-break and a fun way to use imaginations!

Doing a unit on farms? Here are some fun activities that have a farm theme! You can find them in my Late Night Coffee store on TpT. Just click on link or pictures below!

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Fun Summer Activities for Kids!

Summer is a time for playing, relaxing, and having fun! It can also be a great time to reinforce learning skills or learn brand new ones! These fun summer activities for kids are a perfect way to do just that! Each activity is designed to keep children engaged with their learning while having a good time.

You can find all of these activities in my Late Night Coffee store on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT)!

Project based learning activities are a great way to teach critical thinking skills, creativity, and learn about a new topic. Each of these activities are structured so you don’t have to do a lot of planning. They are also flexible if you need to adjust for your children. The ocean animal, space, rainforest, and restaurant projects are planned out for ten days of activities. That’s right….TEN DAYS! The bats activity has 5 days of activities. Perfect for summer school, camps, classrooms, or homeschooling!

Click here to find these in my store or click on picture below!

Project Based Learning Activity
Late Night Coffee Project Based Learning Activities

Practice reading skills with these reading games! The reading comprehension game lets children play a board game that asks the most important comprehension questions for any book or story. It’s a great way for a child to see what they have remembered while reading. The empathy game teaches children to think about examples of empathy in stories or books. It asks questions that can lead to great discussions about empathy.

You can find them here in my store or click on the photo below!

Fine motor skills are a great skill to reinforce over the summer! Younger children greatly benefit from using their fingers and hands in controlled ways. It helps with muscle coordination later when they begin to write letters and words. Lacing cards are perfect for not only fine motor skills, but also hand/eye coordination. The island fun pack has a lot of fun tropical-themed objects to cut out and use in easy crafts like gluing onto paper or making decorations.

You can find these in my store here or click on photo below!

Having a fun time and learning skills are a great combination with these fun summer activities for kids!

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Lacing Cards Printable-Stuffed Animal Themed

Do you have a young or older person that could use some fun practice with fine-motor skills?
These stuffed animal-themed lacing cards are a great activity that enhances that skill!

You can find this stuffed animal lacing cards printable in my Late Night Coffee Etsy store and in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Perfect for:
Nursing Homes/Assisted Living
Children’s clubs/Organization Activity
Birthday Party
Winter/Summer Break Activity
Car Trips/Errands

This PDF file includes:
3 pages of stuffed animals (teddy bear, dog, and cat) sized 5.25” x 3.5” (two of same animal on each page)
3 pages of stuffed animals (teddy bear, dog, and cat) sized 7” x 4.” (one on each page)
Instruction sheet with visuals.

You can find this printable in my Late Night Coffee store on Etsy and my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Need another type of lacing card? Try these sweet little dress lacing cards!

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Lacing Cards-Fine Motor Skills-Dresses

You can find these lacing cards in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and in my Late Night Coffee store on Etsy!

Lacing Cards-Fine Motor Skills-Dresses

Do you have a young or older person that could use some fun practice with fine-motor skills? 
These dress lacing cards are a great activity that enhances that skill while promoting the joy of“sewing”!
 Ideas for use: 
Preschool/Kindergarten/Primary Grades 
Children’s clubs/Organization Activity 
Birthday Party 
Winter/Summer Break Activity 
Car Trips/Errands 
Nursing Home/Assisted Living Activity
This PDF file includes: 
6 pages of different colored dresses sized 5” x 5” (two of same color on each page) 
6 pages of different colored dresses sized 7” x 6.25” (one on page) 
Instruction sheet with visuals 
*Print out page(s) on white cardstock (Optional: Laminate for multi-use and durability) 
*Cut out the dress using the dashed line guides 
*Punch out marked holes with a hole puncher 
*Cut ribbon, yarn, or a shoestring to size and add masking tape at ends……and begin lacing! 
Please note: The colors on your printing may differ slightly from your monitor screen due to printer/monitor settings.

You can also find these stuffed animal themed lacing cards in my Late Night Coffee store on Etsy and my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

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Island Fun Packet-Tropical Flowers, Leaves,Shells for Paper Craft Activities

Island Fun Packet-Tropical Flowers, Leaves,Shells for Paper Craft Activities

Bring the tropics into your classroom with this fun packet!

This 10 page packet includes:
1 sheet of tropical flower chains (2)
1 sheet of smaller tropical flower chains (4)
1 sheet of individual tropical flowers (10)
1 sheet of individual smaller tropical flowers (27)
1 sheet of large tropical leaves (2)
1 sheet of smaller tropical leaves (8)
1 sheet of thin tropical leaves (5)
1 sheet of smaller thin tropical leaves (15)
1 sheet of seashells and starfish (6)
1 sheet of smaller seashells and starfish (12)

Perfect for tropical paper crafts like:
Bulletin boards
Social Studies Projects
Name Tags
Desk Tags
Library Displays
And more!

Please note: These graphics have more of an “illustration” look rather than a photograph.

For simplicity in cutting, there are no “palm leaves” in this packet. If your student desires a palm-style leaf, simply cut slits or thin triangles into the solid leaves.

This packet is made for color printing.

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Fine Motor Skills Vocabulary Sheets-Pre-K and Kindergarten

Fine Motor Skills Vocabulary Sheets-Pre-K and Kindergarten

Looking for a fun and easy activity sheets for your students? These are perfect for morning work, small groups, centers, and holidays!

These TWENTY sheets provide practice for:

Fine Motor Skills

Letter recognition

Word recognition




Children color and cut out the squares. After that, they glue them on the letters of the large word at the top.

Words include:

Learn (school theme)





Boo! (Halloween theme)

Feast (Thanksgiving theme)


Warm (cold weather theme)


Luck (St. Patrick’s Day theme)



Earth (Earth Day/nature theme)

Mom (Mother’s Day theme)


Bunny (spring theme)

Chick (spring theme)

Argh! (pirate themed)


Each sheet takes about 20 minutes.

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Gingerbread Man Wristband Craft Activity

Gingerbread Man Wristband Craft Activity

Love reading “The Gingerbread Man” with your students?

Here’s a cute and easy craft to go along with that story!

Students color and cut out the candy (peppermints and gumdrops) and gingerbread man pictures and glue them onto a “frosting” wristband.

Perfect for the holidays!

**Please note*** The “frosting” graphic is in grayscale. Be sure your printer can print in grayscale before purchasing.

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Barn Art Activity-Build a Miniature Barn and Farmyard Replica

Barn Art Activity-Build a Miniature Barn and Farmyard Replica

This item contains the graphics and visual instructions you need to make your very own farmyard replica!

This activity allows you to make a barn, silo, farm animals, farm decor, and a garden.
MATERIALS NEEDED FOR THIS PROJECT:Cardboard box (sides no longer than 18”) or a shoebox, scissors, glue (stick and liquid), scotch tape, paperclips, crayons or colored pencils, file folder (optional),construction paper or poster board for base, cylinder shaped container(s) for silo (chip can, coffee can, oatmeal container, etc), and any extras you may want to add.
These sets of graphics are black and white and are ready to be colored with crayons or colored pencils.

This product does not come with colored graphics.

Graphic designs include:
Wood Siding
Farm Animals (Horse, sheep, pig, chicken, dog, and cow)
Farm Decor (Barn doors, windows, basket, pail, chicken hutch, haystack, firewood stack, and wheelbarrow)
Garden plants (corn, cabbage, and pumpkins)

These graphics include one set proportioned for a shoebox size box and one set for a regular cardboard box with sides no longer than 18”.

This item also comes with visual step-by-step instructions of one way to construct your farm. There is also a sheet of useful tips.

These graphics are intended to be used on the exterior of the box. No specific interior graphics or interior instructions included.
This activity is perfect for individual, small group, or class.

Duration of project: 3-4 hours depending on age of child.

Perfect for book reports, class themed activities, home activity…or just for fun!
If you have any questions about this item, please ask in the “Question Section” of my store! I’ll be glad to answer them!

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