Kindergarten Movement Game – Farm Theme

Here’s a fun kindergarten movement game to help get those “wiggles” out! It’s a great way to introduce a farm unit or incorporate movement into the day.

Find a large area, make a circle with the students, and tell them to pretend they are on a farm.

Here are some farm-themed movement ideas:

Look around at all the animals and plants! (Have students look around and “see” the different animals and plants from they are standing.)

Feed the chickens (Throw the grain and alternate holding the bag of grain between right and left hands.)

Pick some fruit (Reach up and pick fruit and put it in a crate.)

Pick dandelion flowers (Pick the flower and blow the seeds. Watch the seeds float.)

Run to the barn (Run in place to barn.)

Feed a horse a carrot in the barn. (Hold carrot gently and stand on tiptoes to feed horse)

Plant some lettuce in a garden. (Dig a hole, put seeds in, and put dirt over the top. Water the seeds.)

Give a cow some water (Fill bucket with water. Walk with heavy bucket. Set bucket down carefully in front of cow.)

Pick some weeds in the garden (Pick weeds and put in pile. Be careful not to step on plants!)

Walk to the house and climb up the steps to the porch. Drink some fresh lemonade. (Walk, step, and pretend to drink.)

Add your own fun ideas to this kindergarten movement game or have the children come up with some. Its a great brain-break and a fun way to use imaginations!

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