Barn Art Activity-Build a Miniature Barn and Farmyard Replica

Barn Art Activity-Build a Miniature Barn and Farmyard Replica

This item contains the graphics and visual instructions you need to make your very own farmyard replica!

This activity allows you to make a barn, silo, farm animals, farm decor, and a garden.
MATERIALS NEEDED FOR THIS PROJECT:Cardboard box (sides no longer than 18”) or a shoebox, scissors, glue (stick and liquid), scotch tape, paperclips, crayons or colored pencils, file folder (optional),construction paper or poster board for base, cylinder shaped container(s) for silo (chip can, coffee can, oatmeal container, etc), and any extras you may want to add.
These sets of graphics are black and white and are ready to be colored with crayons or colored pencils.

This product does not come with colored graphics.

Graphic designs include:
Wood Siding
Farm Animals (Horse, sheep, pig, chicken, dog, and cow)
Farm Decor (Barn doors, windows, basket, pail, chicken hutch, haystack, firewood stack, and wheelbarrow)
Garden plants (corn, cabbage, and pumpkins)

These graphics include one set proportioned for a shoebox size box and one set for a regular cardboard box with sides no longer than 18”.

This item also comes with visual step-by-step instructions of one way to construct your farm. There is also a sheet of useful tips.

These graphics are intended to be used on the exterior of the box. No specific interior graphics or interior instructions included.
This activity is perfect for individual, small group, or class.

Duration of project: 3-4 hours depending on age of child.

Perfect for book reports, class themed activities, home activity…or just for fun!
If you have any questions about this item, please ask in the “Question Section” of my store! I’ll be glad to answer them!

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