Fun Summer Activities for Kids!

Summer is a time for playing, relaxing, and having fun! It can also be a great time to reinforce learning skills or learn brand new ones! These fun summer activities for kids are a perfect way to do just that! Each activity is designed to keep children engaged with their learning while having a good time.

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Project based learning activities are a great way to teach critical thinking skills, creativity, and learn about a new topic. Each of these activities are structured so you don’t have to do a lot of planning. They are also flexible if you need to adjust for your children. The ocean animal, space, rainforest, and restaurant projects are planned out for ten days of activities. That’s right….TEN DAYS! The bats activity has 5 days of activities. Perfect for summer school, camps, classrooms, or homeschooling!

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Project Based Learning Activity
Late Night Coffee Project Based Learning Activities

Practice reading skills with these reading games! The reading comprehension game lets children play a board game that asks the most important comprehension questions for any book or story. It’s a great way for a child to see what they have remembered while reading. The empathy game teaches children to think about examples of empathy in stories or books. It asks questions that can lead to great discussions about empathy.

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Fine motor skills are a great skill to reinforce over the summer! Younger children greatly benefit from using their fingers and hands in controlled ways. It helps with muscle coordination later when they begin to write letters and words. Lacing cards are perfect for not only fine motor skills, but also hand/eye coordination. The island fun pack has a lot of fun tropical-themed objects to cut out and use in easy crafts like gluing onto paper or making decorations.

You can find these in my store here or click on photo below!

Having a fun time and learning skills are a great combination with these fun summer activities for kids!

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