Project Based Learning Activity – Bats – Kindergarten & First Grade

Bats Project Based Learning Activity
Bats Project Based Learning Activity

Project Based Learning Activity – Bats – Kindergarten & First Grade

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Introduce your class to the world of bats and let them become mini bat scientists in this project based learning activity!

This 5-day activity covers science, social studies, math, reading, writing, and art.

These daily activities will help gain understanding of the importance of bats in our communities and how to encourage them to live there.

Students will:
Count bats for research
Make a model bat house with bats (with shoebox)
Plan where to put their bat houses in a nature park
Create an informational sign about the bat houses
Make a hanging bat wristband to help teach about bats
Reflect daily on each activity

Subjects include:
Language Arts
Social Studies

This activity includes:
Letter to Educator
Elements in this project-based learning activity
Daily Materials/Subjects/Skills Sheet
Activity Instructions/Tips/Challenges
Reflection Sheet (faces)
Reflections Sheet (written)
Bats for Bat House Sheet
Counting Sheet for Bats
Bat House Example Sheet
Template Sheet for Bats
Wood Panel Sheet for Bat House
Nature Park Sheet
Sign Sheet
Bat Wristband Example Sheet
Bat Wristband Sheet

Also included:
Daily supplies list for each activity
Skills list for each activity
Main curriculum subjects for each activity

Structured so you don’t have to plan too much, but flexible enough to add your own ideas!

Can be used for whole classroom, small groups, or individuals!

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