Kindergarten Movement Game – Farm Theme

Here’s a fun kindergarten movement game to help get those “wiggles” out! It’s a great way to introduce a farm unit or incorporate movement into the day.

Find a large area, make a circle with the students, and tell them to pretend they are on a farm.

Here are some farm-themed movement ideas:

Look around at all the animals and plants! (Have students look around and “see” the different animals and plants from they are standing.)

Feed the chickens (Throw the grain and alternate holding the bag of grain between right and left hands.)

Pick some fruit (Reach up and pick fruit and put it in a crate.)

Pick dandelion flowers (Pick the flower and blow the seeds. Watch the seeds float.)

Run to the barn (Run in place to barn.)

Feed a horse a carrot in the barn. (Hold carrot gently and stand on tiptoes to feed horse)

Plant some lettuce in a garden. (Dig a hole, put seeds in, and put dirt over the top. Water the seeds.)

Give a cow some water (Fill bucket with water. Walk with heavy bucket. Set bucket down carefully in front of cow.)

Pick some weeds in the garden (Pick weeds and put in pile. Be careful not to step on plants!)

Walk to the house and climb up the steps to the porch. Drink some fresh lemonade. (Walk, step, and pretend to drink.)

Add your own fun ideas to this kindergarten movement game or have the children come up with some. Its a great brain-break and a fun way to use imaginations!

Doing a unit on farms? Here are some fun activities that have a farm theme! You can find them in my Late Night Coffee store on TpT. Just click on link or pictures below!

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Holiday Dollhouse Miniatures

Handmade holiday dollhouse miniatures are perfect treasures to add a touch of magic and wonder to a dollhouse! For years, dollhouses have been decorated for different holidays, especially Christmas! It’s a great way to get into the spirit of the holidays and create a little miniature magic.

I have created some pieces that are sure to add some magic to your holidays! They are made to fit in most styles of dollhouses and would look perfect by a fireplace, Christmas tree, or in an area that you need a little holiday decor.

These meticulously crafted miniatures not only make exceptional gifts but also serve as cherished keepsakes that can be enjoyed for years to come. With their little details, these pieces help add beauty and charm to any dollhouse, as well as creating an enchanting display.

These pieces also offer a unique and thoughtful present for dollhouse enthusiasts, collectors, or anyone who appreciates the artistry and charm of miniature creations. Each one is handmade and ready to be displayed.

Visit my Late Night Coffee store on Etsy to see these and more holiday dollhouse miniatures! Click on the link or each photo above to see details.

Love dollhouse miniatures? I’ve created hundreds of dollhouse miniatures in the past and enjoy every minute of it! Visit my miniatures board on Pinterest to see more miniatures I’ve created!

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Bulletin Board Ideas for School

Need some creative bulletin board ideas for your school or classroom? Here are five easy ones for you!

“Everyone’s a Winner in (insert name) Class!

Bulletin board looks like a big board game where each space has a different topic that will be covered that year.

“We’re Wizards at Math!”

Pictures of wizards holding math papers showing student work.

“Thinking Leads to….”

Giant brain in center with yarn that leads to thinking words around it. ( Ex: Ideas! Inventions! Problem-solving! Communication!, etc.)

Books that are Movies

Create a board that has the titles of books that were made into really great children/teen movies!

Wow! Board

Let students write something special or great that they have accomplished on an index card and put on board. Put the word “WOW!” on the board in big letters. This can be an ongoing board for the year.

Need help planning your bulletin boards? Here is a FREE bulletin board planning sheet you can find in my TPT store! Click the picture or link to get it and start creating your own bulletin board ideas!

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Dollhouse Miniature Signs and Wall Decor

I’ve been busily creating a new line of miniatures. Dollhouse miniature signs and wall decor!

I’m having so much finding fun old signage and images from the 1800’s and early 1900’s and creating them into vintage looking wall hangings. It definitely takes some time to make each one look old but I think the effort was worth it!

These can be used in many different style of dollhouses. Perfect for miniature kitchens, living rooms, bakeries, cabins…and more! And because the backs have also been artistically distressed, they can also be leaned against objects if you need a piece of art/sign to fill in an empty space.

Whether you have a colonial, Victorian, rustic, cottagecore, modern, or other wonderful theme, these pieces of art are a perfect addition to a miniature room!

You can find these and other dollhouse miniatures in my Late Night Coffee Etsy store. Click on the pictures below to see each of these new arrivals!

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Doll’s Dolls-Dollhouse Miniatures-New Arrivals!

I’ve been busy creating some new miniatures….doll’s dolls!

Perfect for miniature children’s rooms, miniature nurseries, miniature toy shops or under a dollhouse Christmas tree!

Each are completely handmade and have a little item they are holding.

I also made another miniature “bunny box” It’s filled with little handmade momentos with a blue and white color theme. So cute and ready to add to your dollhouse decor! Another cute addition to my miniature momento box line.

You can find these doll’s dolls, bunny box, and other handmade miniatures in my Late Night Coffee Etsy store! I add new ones each week! Just click on pictures above or below.

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Fun Summer Activities for Kids!

Summer is a time for playing, relaxing, and having fun! It can also be a great time to reinforce learning skills or learn brand new ones! These fun summer activities for kids are a perfect way to do just that! Each activity is designed to keep children engaged with their learning while having a good time.

You can find all of these activities in my Late Night Coffee store on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT)!

Project based learning activities are a great way to teach critical thinking skills, creativity, and learn about a new topic. Each of these activities are structured so you don’t have to do a lot of planning. They are also flexible if you need to adjust for your children. The ocean animal, space, rainforest, and restaurant projects are planned out for ten days of activities. That’s right….TEN DAYS! The bats activity has 5 days of activities. Perfect for summer school, camps, classrooms, or homeschooling!

Click here to find these in my store or click on picture below!

Project Based Learning Activity
Late Night Coffee Project Based Learning Activities

Practice reading skills with these reading games! The reading comprehension game lets children play a board game that asks the most important comprehension questions for any book or story. It’s a great way for a child to see what they have remembered while reading. The empathy game teaches children to think about examples of empathy in stories or books. It asks questions that can lead to great discussions about empathy.

You can find them here in my store or click on the photo below!

Fine motor skills are a great skill to reinforce over the summer! Younger children greatly benefit from using their fingers and hands in controlled ways. It helps with muscle coordination later when they begin to write letters and words. Lacing cards are perfect for not only fine motor skills, but also hand/eye coordination. The island fun pack has a lot of fun tropical-themed objects to cut out and use in easy crafts like gluing onto paper or making decorations.

You can find these in my store here or click on photo below!

Having a fun time and learning skills are a great combination with these fun summer activities for kids!

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Chicks Printable

Decorate your home or craft with this sweet chicks printable!

Featuring a vintage chick illustration from the 1800’s, this flock of chicks prints easily on 8.5 x 11 paper. Perfect for framing, crafting, junk journals, scrapbooks, bookmarks, box upcycling….and more!

Just download the high resolution (300 dpi) jpg file and print!

You can find this printable digital paper and more in my Late Night Coffee store on Etsy!

Chicks Printable in Frame

Here are more fun crafts you can find in my store! Just click on the photo to find out more about them!

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QUICK and Easy Gift Box for Last Minute Gifts

Leave that gift bag on your kitchen table this morning? Want to take some cookies to the neighbor but don’t want to use a whipped cream bowl? Need an easy gift box for that gift your group is making today?

You have a nice gift…..but now you need a nice looking box!

Well, you are in luck because here’s a gift box that you can make in about 10 minutes! Seriously, the box pictured took me about ten minutes (minus the time spent taking the photos).

Here are the four things you will need:

  1. Floral paper printable (You can find it in my Etsy store here) I printed on plain copy paper.
  2. Small box (clean food box or small shipping box)
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
Materials needed

Directions (which can only be found on this website):

Cue “Mission Impossible” music.

Get your box. Cut it to the size you need or just use it if you like the size. For my saltine box…. I undid flaps, flattened it, cut it in half, and taped bottom flaps back together. If you are using a regular cardboard box, cutting the top flaps off will give you sturdy sides on the box for this quick project.

Print floral paper printable. The sheet is 11.5 inches across. You will need to measure around the outside the box you are going to use to know how many pieces to print. Yay math! I used a half of a saltine box and needed two sheets of it….just for reference. Cut out floral graphic from the rest of the white space on paper(s). You can be as concise or as “close enough!” as you want with this. I’m more of a “close enough” kind of person….especially in time crunches.

Next, place the floral graphic up to box. If it is too tall, cut off the bottom edge to desired height. You will want some of the floral part to go above the sides. Now, start gluing the paper around outside of box. If you can, crease the paper at edges for better fit. Glue, smooth, glue, smooth……..glue….smooth.

If you want a smoother transition on edges, crease the edge, add glue, and place other piece over it.

And VOILA!! You have your box! Now if you have time and some floral paper left over, you can glue a piece to the bottom. But really….who looks at the bottom of the box anyway? And besides….we are in a time crunch, people!

Now, if you are in a real pinch, you can use cut/shredded scrap paper, tissue paper, paper bag, or whatever you have that is convenient. Cut…..fluff…..and place in box. Put your gift or items in…and you are done! (Your items will probably be more “gift-like” than mine…although some people might actually appreciate a nice package of tuna) Give yourself a pat on the back and take a breath! You did it!

You can now turn off the “Mission Impossible” music.

You can get this floral paper and another floral design here in my Late Night Coffee store on Etsy!

You can click on photos below to see these designs in my store!

Like DIY crafts? Visit my DIY Vintage Style Rabbit post for another spring craft!

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Miniature Rabbit Dolls

If you collect miniatures or decorate a dollhouse for seasons/holidays, these little miniature rabbit dolls are perfect for your collection!

Made to look like a vintage rabbit, these cloth dolls are a great addition to a vintage-style dollhouse. Each are handmade, one at a time, by me!

Visit my Late Night Coffee Etsy store or check out this post to see these and other miniature cloth dolls I have available!

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